Adrian Pradhan

Adrian Pradhan
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Biography last updated: 27th Aug, 2017

Facts of Adrian Pradhan

Profession Music Composer, Model, Singer, Song Writer
Birthday 18th August
Horoscope Leo
Rashi NA
Birth Place Kalimpong, India
Education NA
Current Involvement NA
Years active NA
Marital Status Married
Height NA
Weight NA
Favorite Movie NA
Favorite Music NA
Favorite Color NA
Favorite Place NA
Favorite Food NA
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Adrian Pradhan is Music Composer, Model, Singer, Song Writer. He was born on 18th August in Kalimpong, India. His horoscope is Leo. His marital status is Married.

Adrin Pradhan's musical journey started in his school days at St. Augustine, Kalimpong, when he learned to play music and was a member of the school choir . The mouth organ and keyboard were his first instruments, but he picked up the guitar in the year 1989 and then switched to drums in the year 1995. His first band was Eurika and this was the band with which he got his first gig, in 10th grade for a fund raising concert for Blind School, Kalimpong. Then after he was involved with the band Flames which layer toured India and was also featured in the Sun Magazine

His career began in 1994 when he joined the band 1974 AD as a pianist. He became the permanent member of the band on 1998 as a vocalist, drummer and harmonica player. He has left the band now and does his solo music from some years.

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