Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai

Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai
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Biography last updated: 5th Sep, 2017

Facts of Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai

Profession Singer, Music Composer
Birthday 23rd March
Horoscope Aries
Rashi NA
Birth Place Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Education NA
Current Involvement NA
Years active NA
Marital Status Married
Height NA
Weight NA
Favorite Movie God Must Be Crazy
Favorite Music Beatles, Eric Clapton
Favorite Color NA
Favorite Place Kathmandu
Favorite Food Noodles
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Website NA
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Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai is Singer, Music Composer. He was born on 23rd March in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. His horoscope is Aries. His marital status is Married. His favorite movie is God Must Be Crazy, favorite music is Beatles, Eric Clapton, favorite food is Noodles, favorite place is Kathmandu.

Born in the Lazimpat,Kathmandu in 23 march,he has a Zodaic sign of Aries.He was interested in music from his childhood as a result he started his music career in 1991 with his debut song Aye malai maya garne mayalu and accelerated himself in the musical path.Contributing lot in the musical field he has got a good reputation in the Nepali musical area.He released his albums like Hosh

harayepani,Subhakamana,Mausam,Selected Dipesh,Forever,Fortune and got a lot of hits.This Nepali singer has been able to achieve a great place in Nepali music and may be Nepali music would have been incomplete without this great celebrity. While he was doing bit of singing here and there and was still involved with Infernal, Deepesh applied for a scholarship in classical vocals in India through the Indian Embassy. Three years back, he got a three-year scholarship with Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya, from where he has just finished Madhyama Purna in classical vocals. In between his academic training, he took a break, came back to Kathmandu and recorded Hosh Harayapani which was released in December 1999.

Dipesh K. Bhattarai is the Nepalese star and contributed lot in Nepali music.some of his musical hits such as hosh haraye pani,fortunes,forever were the best albums and they were able the stay in Heart of the listeners. Deepesh Bhattarai is one of those few singers in Nepali pop with a voice that can be hoped to stay in business for a long time.

He had made a good start too. His debut album Hosh Harayapani is doing better than what the producers and even the singer himself had expected. Even though its initial sales figures were not all impressive, with the broadcast of the music video of a Gopal Yonjon remake Malai Maf Garideu, it began to enjoy the steady climb up the chart Malai Maf Garideu, the remake, was a classic example of poor treatment to a wonderful melody in terms of music arrangement. However there could be no complains for Deepesh's vocal performance in it. That song and Hosh Harayapani, the title song has helped Deepesh make an impressive entrance in the music scene.

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