Jhamke Phooli Remake

12 Feb, 2016 / 0

Namaste good people ! How you all are doing lately? I am just back from United Kingdom after one month tour upon invitation of British Gurkha Nepalese Council (BGNC). I successfully managed to perform in 14 shows in different cities of UK despite adverse weather and health. Due to tour and other commitment I was not being able to talk about my recent project 'Jhamke Phooli' which is a remake with same male singers Dhruba Raj Khadka and Ghamesh Dulal. Though song was recorded and released two years back, video shoot was in middle of the way. After TEEJ this year I managed to complete the video as well. 

The video of original Nepali song 'Jhamke Phooli' song sat in top list of Youtube for years for Nepalese visitors. I really found this song melodious from heart and with great intent I approach to Dhruba Raj Khadka dai for his consent to remake of the song with lyrics and male singers unchanged. He instantly agreed on my request. After satisfactorily recording of 'Jhamke Phooli' in year 2014 I had to rush for TEEJ songs and programs. So video production of 'Jhamke Phooli' song had to be paused for quite a while unwillingly. However, the pending job has been accomplished and video is on Youtube now. 

(Current view: 83,779) 
I could not think of other than director Govinda Rai and co-actor Dilip Rayamajhi for making 'Jhamke Phooli' who both have been proved to be a outstanding team mate for me (what do you think?). Director Govinda Dai chose a classic theme for this video and his enormous efforts has stood upto the expectation, I hope ;) But your (fans, supporters and audience) view, likes and dislike truly count a lot to me. Please watch, comment and share if you like. I am much content to see good compliment about this song and video on my Youtube channel.

I continuously am singing this song since 2014 in stages though video was just released this year. I honestly appreciate your love and support. Your feedback is most important to me to pursue my career so I could give you back more best songs in return.

With much love <

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